Half Down



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Half Down

Project description

In Slovenia, there are about 15 children born with Down syndrome each year. Children with Down syndrome need much more time to make progress than children with no developmental disorder. More repetitions, adequate practice and guidance.

Children and their parents find early treatment, which has been offered in Slovenia since 2017, most helpful. 

Each hour of the early treatment is precious for a child with Down syndrome. Parents acquire new knowledge and techniques that allow their child a faster developmental progress.

Unfortunately, the number of hours in early treatment with pedagogical experts is limited.


Target audience

Business partners 


Golden Diggit Award

Main activities

Using a pair of mismatched socks that symbolize World Down Syndrome Day, we encouraged our business partners on Black Friday, the most consumer oriented day, to use our services, and simultaneously donated 50 % of the value of services rendered to the Down Syndrome Association of Slovenia.

»Black Friday = Half Down«


Our partners supported us - and with the resources received, as many as 100 children with Down syndrome were given early treatment.


Our responsibility for the socially weak did not end here. With a slogan »Don't Let them Down« on World Down Syndrome Day, we called upon our business partners  as well as our followers on digital channels to wear a pair of mistmatched socks and share their photos with us.


Without media budget, we have reached beyond the goal and showed that with a little bit of will, heartfelt idea, and good intentions we can exceed expectations and raise the awareness that to be different is OK. And what matters most, we have helped 100 children.

Golden Diggit award


Our clients trust us big time and vice versa. We are determined to seek and find what's best, crazy, intelligent and smart for their crowd. Lucky and grateful.