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Project description

The company Snaga has perfected a system of separate waste collection (according to the information from the organisation Zero waste Europe, Ljubljana is the European metropolis with the highest percentage of separately collected waste), and it started to encourage its users to actions which are even more favourable than just recycling. The website (Reuse) has therefore introduced the Reuse Centre and the Assembly Centre. The illustrative route invites them to take part in (even more) responsible actions and behaviour in an inspiring and humorous way, thus stimulating them to spread the message among the community. The ultimate goal for the visitor is to adopt the concept by walking the route and progress from clicks on the website to real-life actions.

Target groups

The population of Ljubljana and its surroundings (primarily people aged 15-40).


Golden Diggit award 2014

Netko finalist 2014

Netko finalist 2014

Ponovna uporaba website

Main activities

Our objective is that the user understands and adopts the best concept of waste management and management of used items and transfers it to its family, society, local environment, etc. We reminded the users that the best waste is the one that never arises.  

Unified user experience

We make sure that we understand the user and integrate them into the story of the brand. Due to the website concept we have focused on reviewing via the computer screen.

Ponovna uporaba website - ipad

Solutions that bring results

With the website method we emphasised the simplicity of correct behaviour and waste management. The model awarded with the Golden Diggit Award and the nomination Netko is a “one page scroll” with the illustration in the background and a protagonist. With specific objects on the illustration which act as triggers, little boxes which enable better susceptibility to the messages that pop up.

Golden Diggit 2014


Netko finalist 2014


Ponovna uporaba website
Ponovna uporaba

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