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Project description

With Kapko (Droppy), kids will be immersed in the story of water. Firstly, let us briefly work some basics out, and then we are going to move swiftly onto the tips on how to treat and protect this liquid, which is crucial for life on Earth, how much water we need to drink, how to play with water, etc., all in a witty, educational and playful manner using a different online experience, and especially in a way that does not burden children, but instead entertains them. At the conclusion, there are some games and a test to check how much they have learnt, and it shows if the child is mature enough to become a guardian of clean drinking water. The purpose of it all is for the kids to become aware of the importance of drinking water in our lives and how crucial it is to protect water resources.

Target groups

Children, ages 7-10

Children’s parents

Educational workers in schools


Golden Diggit award 2014

Netko winner 2014

WEBSi – Online Champion 2014 (3rd place)

Kapko website

Main activities

The mascot Kapko (Droppy) was developed a few years ago in order to educate children about the significance of water for our lives and to increase awareness of the importance of protecting water resources. Although we occasionally socialise with children in schools and at events, the website Kapko.si is constantly available to them, where in addition to having a rich content, we also encourage the young children to obtain the title “Guardian of Clean Drinking Water”. 

Unified user experience

We make sure that we understand the user and integrate them into the story of the brand. Due to the website concept we have focused on reviewing via the computer screen.

Kapko spletna stran - uporabniška izkušnja

Solutions that bring results

Through these activities, we have been able to achieve a result where nearly every child in the coastal region knows Kapko and what he stands for. We are achieving extreme responsiveness from children and schools (approx. 80% support), and the concept was rewarded with the Golden Diggit Award, the symbol of the Netko Winner and 3rd place at the WEBSi – online champions. It is our greatest pleasure to see that numerous children protect the clean drinking water as ambassadors.

Golden Diggit 2014


Netko winner 2014


WEBSi – Online Champion 2015 - 3rd place


Kapko website
Kapko website ipad

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